Embracing Natural; The First Lady Edition

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On 9th April 2013 Kenya inaugurated a new president. Regardless of our political affiliations, there is one thing that all members of Team Natural agree on. We love that our New FLoTRoK {pushing it much, but I had to :)} Margaret Kenyatta is Au Natural and rocks a Gorgeous Silver Short Crop. She joins the likes of Janet Museveni who wears a fade and looks effortlessly elegant with this short do.

The fact that her hair is “not the norm” weave, perm, bone straight got the conversation on hair started, and there were as varied opinions as there are people. For those who rock natural hair it was something to celebrate and a lot of men jumped in on this celebration.

At a very basic level being natural shows that you are not willing to compromise with society and its standards of what is beautiful. You celebrate your hair; the kinks, the curls, shrinkage, tangles, knots and all.

On a fundamental level wearing your hair natural is empowering. It is the ultimate act of self acceptance. Once you can embrace having natural hair; it changes your perception of yourself and the world around you. Going natural for many women is more than a movement, it is a lifestyle.

So, if you rock your natural hair; whether it’s a fade, TWA, BBA, Locs, Sista Locs, Transitioning, wear your hair with pride and dignity. Embrace it! Celebrate it!



What Kenyans had to say about Margaret Kenyatta’s Hair.


John-Allan Namu ‏@johnallannamu                                                                  9 Mar

A silver haired Margaret Kenyatta, Kenya’s 4th First lady, right of podium #choice2013 @KTNKenya

And Margaret Kenyatta maintains that beautiful hair, fashion Nazis, keep off her hair #InaugurationKE

There is only one cure for grey hair. It is called the guillotine-P.Wodehouse. Its OK for Margaret Kenyatta to maintain!

Margaret Kenyatta is very beautiful very beautiful. We the people with short hair Know.. :)” @Mbengelita don’t ignore the signs woman

Mrs Margaret Kenyatta hair do √ *iCelebrate* Mrs Gladys Shollei hair do *iWeep*

Timeless beauty “@AnitaQAnita: I don’t get why anyone would complain about Margaret Kenyatta‘s grey hair.”

Margaret Kenyatta is our most classy First Lady yet …and no fake hair #iLOVE

I don’t get why anyone would complain about Margaret Kenyatta‘s grey hair.

Just like everything else, inauguration is also about to be about Margaret Kenyatta‘s hair

Yup! #TeamNatural RT @gitts: Margaret Kenyatta is team natural hair

@_Gone_Case: Margaret Kenyatta lookin good in that short hair

Uh huh RT @WokaBee: Margaret Kenyatta. The Red lip, the Pearls, The short hair!. The First lady is So Classy!

Guess we should all go natural with short hair like Margaret Kenyatta….she luks good!#InaugurationKe

+1 love her elegance “@KResearcher: And Margaret Kenyatta maintains that beautiful hair, fashion Nazis, keep off her hair #InaugurationKE

Lakini Margaret Kenyatta looks hot today … don’t ever dye that hair.

Madam Margaret Kenyatta looks great in that natural hair. Lesson: Weaves and wigs are overrated!

Whaaaaaaa! Margaret Kenyatta looks goood!!! She kept her grey hair #win!!!

I hope First Lady Margaret Kenyatta will not change the color of her hair; not now, not in the next five years #TeamFirstLady

I sense a petition building up to have the Margaret Kenyatta‘s hair remain as is. All silver and lovely. Can we add this to #UhurusInbox?

Ladies, good lesson from the late Josephine Michuki and now, First Lady Margaret Kenyatta; embrace the grey hair and in stride! WE APPROVE

I say Margaret Kenyatta‘s hair should never be dyed. All in favour say “AYE!”



Samuel Mwitiposted to Margaret Kenyatta


I like the natural hair.

“By Mid this Month, Many Kenyan Women Will Be Sporting Grey Hair, Either as Highlights or a Hair Style; Those Who Already Have Natural Grey Hair Either as Sections or Full Heads of Grey; Who Tend to Hide it Under Weaves and Hairpiece; Will Begin to Proudly Display Their Greyness; Thanks to the Very Proud Way Our First Lady, Margaret Wanjiru Kenyatta, Wears Her Crown of Grey Hair; Kudos to Mama Jomo for Lifting the Veil On Grey Hair!” – Journalist Njoki Karuoya.

Posted on April 14, 2013  



 This Cartoon by Gaddo Said Margaret looks good with Kinky Grey Hair but would Look better with flowy African garb. It elicited this responses.                                                                                                              

Njaguara7 April 2013 12:44 AM Maddo- You are dead wrong. The first lady looks awesome. Nice style

Kesekwa6 April 2013 6:24 PM No Maddo! She looks beautiful in her natural hairstyle. That is the way it should be.

Mimi 6 April 2013 3:55 AM NO! Maddo you’ve got it totally wrong. Margaret Kenyatta should retain her KINKY, greying hair. It just looks PERFECT! Shows  someone who is comfortable with her real self. Please keep off hair paint and those weird Nigerian head blankets.


*Disclaimer: Did I pick only the positive comments? Yes , I did.  I’m unapologetic, this is a post about embracing Natural Hair. Surprisingly, I didn’t see any nasty ones either. 🙂


Grow Out Challenge Week Eight


 Greetings Lovelies,

What do you know, we’re at the end of month two of the GOC, I have no doubt that those of us in the challenge are in a better place hair and health-wise than two months ago. Our Hair is longer, softer, moisturized; Our skin is toned and glowing, we feel fit and energetic. Do We? Goood!!


When you start your Healthy Hair Journey, you discover You Tube, Google and even Tricia’s Naturals and suddenly there’s a hundred things you need/want to do to your hair; Pre-poos, Over night DC’s, Henna, Protein Treatments, Hot Oil Treatments, twisting or braiding everynight….the list is endless.

As time goes by, you start to wonder if all these processes are necessary and even question if they are really beneficial to the hair.

Check out these two ladies both who have grown their hair waist length and have the simplest regimens ever.

Meet Ms. Alicia James of Easy Natural Hair


She has grown her hair to waist length in just four years. She washes her hair every 2-4 weeks, Swears by deep conditioning and uses heat moderately. Read about her here.


ghanabun8 (1)

Next, Read about LV of Naturalness, a stay at home mother with a crazy schedule but a gorgeous head of luscious hair who’s growth she credits to leaving her hair alone.


This post aims too challenge us to re-look at our regimens and see if they are truly working for us. Are there processes, products, tools we could cut down on?

Then we could spend the extra time and money saved with loved ones or giving our selves  non- hair related treats.


Grow To Infinity and Beyond!!!

Grow-Out Challenge Week Six


Greetings Lovelies,

We’re in the second week of the second month of the grow-out challenge. How is it going? I’m sure that most of us have our regimens and techniques for maintaining our hair locked down (or are on the way there. Our diet (veggies, water, supplements) is on point; we’re getting some form of exercise and generally keeping well.

“So, what else can I do to ensure that I am rocking big hair by the end of this challenge you ask….”


Think your hair into Growing

 I am sure that a lot of us have heard of the Law of Attraction and the Power of Manifestations and Visualization. If this innate power can help better the rest of our lives, why not use it to grow your hair.




Nadege one of my favourite hair bloggers interviewed NJOY who grew 8 Inches of Hair in A year and attributes it to Visualization. Read about it here.



Kurly_kichana_0157 (2)

Our very own Kurly Kichana Girls blogged about creating their Vision Boards. Mary and Nyachomba incorporated  aspects of hair, general well being and fitness  in their vision boards. Check it the blog here.



This is my own Vision Board from last year (I’m currently updating it). I have it as my screen saver on my computer and a printed version in my bedroom.

Vision Board 2


If you are inspired to create your own vision board and achieve the life and HAIR of your dreams; grab some magazines and stiff paper or use these helpful sites.





As you set out to create the Life and Hair of your dreams remember to always be GRATEFUL for what you have as you journey to achieving what you need/want. 

Happy Creating and Achieving.




Grow-Out Challenge Week 4; THE CHECK-IN



Greetings lovely ladies,

This week we walk in into Week 4 of the Grow-Out Challenge.

How fast time flies don’t you think? Babies have been born, interviews have been aced, exams passed, and the election drawn closer; life has happened.

Meanwhile we have babied our curls, taken care of our bodies and generally become better people. Right???

February Check-In

Over the last three weeks we have been committed to growing longer, thicker, fuller hair, improving our wellbeing through diet and exercise, and being our sister’s keeper in the natural journey.

As Month One draws to a close it is time to take stock and reflect

Check-In Questions

Please answer the following questions here or on FB

  1. What is the hardest part of the challenge
  2. What is the easiest part?
  3. What is the one thing you have learnt in your journey( that one little gem of information that you as a newbie or old hand want to share with all other TNers- it could be about hair or general well being)


  1. Take photographs of your hair to document how far along you’ve come.
  2. Take measurements of your hair (front, sides, crown, back) to see if you have retained your growth this month

Happy Hair Journey!!!natural-hair-length-check-240-240x340

Grow-Out Challenge Week Three


Hello Lovelies,

It’s week Three of the Grow-Out Challenge. How is everyone holding up? Still Nurturing your tresses, Eating Healthy, Drinking Water and Working Out? Gooood!!!

Keep it going ladies.

Your fabulous self -six months down the line- will be very proud of you.

Last week Thursday in my dream I encountered the word cortisol…very strange but it kept ringing in my head, id never heard the word, didn’t know what it meant. In the next couple of days the word kept popping up in stuff that I was reading. Then this morning I received this email. Discover The Belly Fat And Cortisol Connection. Now if this is not the universe sending me a message I don’t know……


This brings me to this posts topic….Stress and The Natural Hair (body and Soul) Journey

Stress can cause your hair to break or grey, it could cause you to gain weight, your skin could break out or become dry and ashy…you will be generally fatigued…all these go against what the grow-out challenge hopes to achieve.



The culprit is……CORTISOL


Check out the links below.



Take care of your gorgeous selves and keep stress at bay.


5 Ways to Share Your Natural Hair Journey with Loved Ones


Happy Valentines Day Lovelies…..

I hope ya’ll having a lovely day spreading some love around to all those nearest and dearest to you.

I’m a hopeless romantic and today I thought I’d share some simple ways we can involve our significant others in our Natural Hair Journey.

Here goes

  1. tumblr_lk9hl0aHsD1qzdgkko1_500Have THE conversation

I know for a lot of us when we go natural it can get very easily obsessive. We spend countless hours on wash day, on-line reading up on hair blogs, hoarding up a tonne of pro


 all o

f t

his can get overwhelming for our SO’s and our families.

I believe we can find clever ways to communicate to them why this is so important to us and the benefits thereof; tell your man why you need to wear that silk scarf to bed and why you don’t use your blow-drier/ tongs /flat-iron no more and all that other stuff!



  1. Hair Play

Involve your loved ones in taking care of your curls and coils….Let your hubby/boyfriend give you scalp massages or trim your ends. Give him a scalp or full massage in turn and things could get all heated and steamy. Your hair will thank you for it and your relationship will thrive.

Involve the kids too in doing your hair…ask them to help when taking down braids and cornrows…girls will learn to love Natural Hair and the boys will develop a positive attitude towards Natural Sistahs.

I love, love doing my mummy’s hair….I feel so bonded with her when I do this. My sisters love having me around coz we can play with our hair for hours n end. (All the gals in my family are natural)


  1. Strike A Pose

Have you ever felt like you weren’t making any progress with your Natural hair? Maybe it doesn’t appear to be growing or you’re experiencing breakage and you don’t know why?

Documenting and charting our natural hair journey, with photos, can eliminate the mystery, headache, and frustrations that may unfold with our natural hair.  In addition it is such a thrill when you look back at old photos and see how far along you’ve come in the journey.


Get a dear one to help you take photos. And if you like Josephine Wabuu Wanjohi (on TN’s FB page) have a DH who’s very practical and likes projections and forecasts …chart out your hair growth with him!!!


  1. Sexercise and Diet

black-couple-eating-salad1 (2)When you modify your diet and workouts  to create a hotter, healthier you, get your beloved to join you…ask him to join you for long walks or

jogging, drink up those smoothies together,  let him remind you when to take your vitamins and all that.

When both of you are feeling all energized by the healthy eating and diet you can be certain a lot of other things will get even better.

  1. Baby Hair

Men who takblack-father-and-daughtere care of their daughters’ hair are oh so sexy!!! Let him (with your direction) help with your daughters’ hair.  You’ll have some free time to do other stuff (including your hair) baby and daughter will bond. Everyone’s happy.


P.S; While you’re at it share with him the products that you think are good for this hair and skin. I’ve read that some brothers love Mumbi Muturi’s Whipped Shea Butter!

How do you involve your loved ones in Your Natural Hair Journey?

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