Grow Out Challenge Week Two

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Happy New Week Lovelies……..

How is the Grow Out Challenge Going?

I’m sure ya’ll have your hair regimen locked down and are treating your curls like fine silk?

Are we eating healthy (I’ve seen some green smoothies on TN FB page that look so yummy), taking our supplements and keeping hydrated???  I really wish I could take more water.

If you are doing all this I applaud you…keep it going!!


The benefits of exercise on our bodies can never be overemphasized. When you work out your body is releasing hormones and opening up pores in your scalp which promote natural healthy growth of hair.

For hair growth and general wellness you only need to focus on increasing blood flow so that means any activity such as cardio is going to do you a huge favour. Your body has miles and miles of tiny, little blood vessels that are carrying nutrients through your blood to all areas of the body, including your hair follicles. So get that blood pumping!

Natural Hair And Exercise



Now, this being Valentine’s Week…..this is the perfect


to get that blood pumping and get a healthier bod, a Bad Ass Afro and gorgeous skin while at it.

The best thing about it though…your SO will love this contribution to Growing out your Fro…which I’m sure he loves!!!!

Get in bed, people!

Slacking on your gym routine, jogging, cardio, yoga? If you’re not getting enough exercise, then this is more reason for you to 
have sex! Studies have shown that 30 minutes of fooling around can burn up to 300 calories and some cardiologists have even compared this to a good go on the treadmill. Continue Reading…

16 Unexpected Health And Beauty Benefits Of Sex

 Sex & Your Hair by Karen Marie Shelton & Dr. Howard Rosenthal Ed.D.


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