5 Ways to Share Your Natural Hair Journey with Loved Ones


Happy Valentines Day Lovelies…..

I hope ya’ll having a lovely day spreading some love around to all those nearest and dearest to you.

I’m a hopeless romantic and today I thought I’d share some simple ways we can involve our significant others in our Natural Hair Journey.

Here goes

  1. tumblr_lk9hl0aHsD1qzdgkko1_500Have THE conversation

I know for a lot of us when we go natural it can get very easily obsessive. We spend countless hours on wash day, on-line reading up on hair blogs, hoarding up a tonne of pro


 all o

f t

his can get overwhelming for our SO’s and our families.

I believe we can find clever ways to communicate to them why this is so important to us and the benefits thereof; tell your man why you need to wear that silk scarf to bed and why you don’t use your blow-drier/ tongs /flat-iron no more and all that other stuff!



  1. Hair Play

Involve your loved ones in taking care of your curls and coils….Let your hubby/boyfriend give you scalp massages or trim your ends. Give him a scalp or full massage in turn and things could get all heated and steamy. Your hair will thank you for it and your relationship will thrive.

Involve the kids too in doing your hair…ask them to help when taking down braids and cornrows…girls will learn to love Natural Hair and the boys will develop a positive attitude towards Natural Sistahs.

I love, love doing my mummy’s hair….I feel so bonded with her when I do this. My sisters love having me around coz we can play with our hair for hours n end. (All the gals in my family are natural)


  1. Strike A Pose

Have you ever felt like you weren’t making any progress with your Natural hair? Maybe it doesn’t appear to be growing or you’re experiencing breakage and you don’t know why?

Documenting and charting our natural hair journey, with photos, can eliminate the mystery, headache, and frustrations that may unfold with our natural hair.  In addition it is such a thrill when you look back at old photos and see how far along you’ve come in the journey.


Get a dear one to help you take photos. And if you like Josephine Wabuu Wanjohi (on TN’s FB page) have a DH who’s very practical and likes projections and forecasts …chart out your hair growth with him!!!


  1. Sexercise and Diet

black-couple-eating-salad1 (2)When you modify your diet and workouts  to create a hotter, healthier you, get your beloved to join you…ask him to join you for long walks or

jogging, drink up those smoothies together,  let him remind you when to take your vitamins and all that.

When both of you are feeling all energized by the healthy eating and diet you can be certain a lot of other things will get even better.

  1. Baby Hair

Men who takblack-father-and-daughtere care of their daughters’ hair are oh so sexy!!! Let him (with your direction) help with your daughters’ hair.  You’ll have some free time to do other stuff (including your hair) baby and daughter will bond. Everyone’s happy.


P.S; While you’re at it share with him the products that you think are good for this hair and skin. I’ve read that some brothers love Mumbi Muturi’s Whipped Shea Butter!

How do you involve your loved ones in Your Natural Hair Journey?

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