Grow-Out Challenge Week Three


Hello Lovelies,

It’s week Three of the Grow-Out Challenge. How is everyone holding up? Still Nurturing your tresses, Eating Healthy, Drinking Water and Working Out? Gooood!!!

Keep it going ladies.

Your fabulous self -six months down the line- will be very proud of you.

Last week Thursday in my dream I encountered the word cortisol…very strange but it kept ringing in my head, id never heard the word, didn’t know what it meant. In the next couple of days the word kept popping up in stuff that I was reading. Then this morning I received this email. Discover The Belly Fat And Cortisol Connection. Now if this is not the universe sending me a message I don’t know……


This brings me to this posts topic….Stress and The Natural Hair (body and Soul) Journey

Stress can cause your hair to break or grey, it could cause you to gain weight, your skin could break out or become dry and ashy…you will be generally fatigued…all these go against what the grow-out challenge hopes to achieve.



The culprit is……CORTISOL


Check out the links below.

Take care of your gorgeous selves and keep stress at bay.



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