Grow-Out Challenge Week 4; THE CHECK-IN



Greetings lovely ladies,

This week we walk in into Week 4 of the Grow-Out Challenge.

How fast time flies don’t you think? Babies have been born, interviews have been aced, exams passed, and the election drawn closer; life has happened.

Meanwhile we have babied our curls, taken care of our bodies and generally become better people. Right???

February Check-In

Over the last three weeks we have been committed to growing longer, thicker, fuller hair, improving our wellbeing through diet and exercise, and being our sister’s keeper in the natural journey.

As Month One draws to a close it is time to take stock and reflect

Check-In Questions

Please answer the following questions here or on FB

  1. What is the hardest part of the challenge
  2. What is the easiest part?
  3. What is the one thing you have learnt in your journey( that one little gem of information that you as a newbie or old hand want to share with all other TNers- it could be about hair or general well being)


  1. Take photographs of your hair to document how far along you’ve come.
  2. Take measurements of your hair (front, sides, crown, back) to see if you have retained your growth this month

Happy Hair Journey!!!natural-hair-length-check-240-240x340


One thought on “Grow-Out Challenge Week 4; THE CHECK-IN

  1. The Hardest part: Taking enough water…I just can’t seem to do this but I will keep trying

    The Easiest part: Taking great care of my hair and eating healthy

    Little Gem: Finger de-tangling before co-washing…I always thought I had to loose a lot of hair during wash days but after learning this I loose a quarter of the amount I use to loose during previous wash days….YAY!! less hair loss = to one step closer to that BAA

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