Grow-Out Challenge Week Six


Greetings Lovelies,

We’re in the second week of the second month of the grow-out challenge. How is it going? I’m sure that most of us have our regimens and techniques for maintaining our hair locked down (or are on the way there. Our diet (veggies, water, supplements) is on point; we’re getting some form of exercise and generally keeping well.

“So, what else can I do to ensure that I am rocking big hair by the end of this challenge you ask….”


Think your hair into Growing

 I am sure that a lot of us have heard of the Law of Attraction and the Power of Manifestations and Visualization. If this innate power can help better the rest of our lives, why not use it to grow your hair.




Nadege one of my favourite hair bloggers interviewed NJOY who grew 8 Inches of Hair in A year and attributes it to Visualization. Read about it here.


Kurly_kichana_0157 (2)

Our very own Kurly Kichana Girls blogged about creating their Vision Boards. Mary and Nyachomba incorporated  aspects of hair, general well being and fitness  in their vision boards. Check it the blog here.


This is my own Vision Board from last year (I’m currently updating it). I have it as my screen saver on my computer and a printed version in my bedroom.

Vision Board 2


If you are inspired to create your own vision board and achieve the life and HAIR of your dreams; grab some magazines and stiff paper or use these helpful sites.


As you set out to create the Life and Hair of your dreams remember to always be GRATEFUL for what you have as you journey to achieving what you need/want. 

Happy Creating and Achieving.





4 thoughts on “Grow-Out Challenge Week Six

  1. Hey Valentine, Evie Dondie on TN’s FB page was creating a document with all the pictures and regimens, she recently posted that her computer had crashed. So I guess we continue to wait. 😦

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