Grow Out Challenge Week Eight


 Greetings Lovelies,

What do you know, we’re at the end of month two of the GOC, I have no doubt that those of us in the challenge are in a better place hair and health-wise than two months ago. Our Hair is longer, softer, moisturized; Our skin is toned and glowing, we feel fit and energetic. Do We? Goood!!


When you start your Healthy Hair Journey, you discover You Tube, Google and even Tricia’s Naturals and suddenly there’s a hundred things you need/want to do to your hair; Pre-poos, Over night DC’s, Henna, Protein Treatments, Hot Oil Treatments, twisting or braiding everynight….the list is endless.

As time goes by, you start to wonder if all these processes are necessary and even question if they are really beneficial to the hair.

Check out these two ladies both who have grown their hair waist length and have the simplest regimens ever.

Meet Ms. Alicia James of Easy Natural Hair


She has grown her hair to waist length in just four years. She washes her hair every 2-4 weeks, Swears by deep conditioning and uses heat moderately. Read about her here.

ghanabun8 (1)

Next, Read about LV of Naturalness, a stay at home mother with a crazy schedule but a gorgeous head of luscious hair who’s growth she credits to leaving her hair alone.

This post aims too challenge us to re-look at our regimens and see if they are truly working for us. Are there processes, products, tools we could cut down on?

Then we could spend the extra time and money saved with loved ones or giving our selves  non- hair related treats.


Grow To Infinity and Beyond!!!


3 thoughts on “Grow Out Challenge Week Eight

  1. Hello Tricia! I came across your blog when I was checking my email and received a pingback alert letting me know that someone had linked to my blog. Thank you for including a link to my article in your grow-out challenge! I hope that the information that I provided will help to inspire. I really wish everyone who is participating well in their growth quest!

  2. I totally agree with you. In the first month, I was overwhelming my hair with too much. Thinking that I’d achieve longer, healthier and thicker hair faster. But now, I take it easy. And the growth has been amazing. Not ‘over the top’ growth, but my hair is much healthier than before. All I needed to do was LISTEN to my hair 🙂

  3. Hey!
    i love the two links.i’m transitioning & not really messing with bantu knot outs,braid outs etc i just bun it!& my edges are growing in really approach to my hair this yr is to be a minimalist & i think its working!
    good stuff & thanks for the info

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