Embracing Natural; The First Lady Edition

  On 9th April 2013 Kenya inaugurated a new president. Regardless of our political affiliations, there is one thing that all members of Team Natural agree on. We love that our New FLoTRoK {pushing it much, but I had to :)} Margaret Kenyatta is Au Natural and rocks a Gorgeous Silver Short Crop. She joins the […]

Grow Out Challenge Week Eight

 Greetings Lovelies, What do you know, we’re at the end of month two of the GOC, I have no doubt that those of us in the challenge are in a better place hair and health-wise than two months ago. Our Hair is longer, softer, moisturized; Our skin is toned and glowing, we feel fit and […]

Grow-Out Challenge Week Six

Greetings Lovelies, We’re in the second week of the second month of the grow-out challenge. How is it going? I’m sure that most of us have our regimens and techniques for maintaining our hair locked down (or are on the way there. Our diet (veggies, water, supplements) is on point; we’re getting some form of […]

Grow-Out Challenge Week 4; THE CHECK-IN

  Greetings lovely ladies, This week we walk in into Week 4 of the Grow-Out Challenge. How fast time flies don’t you think? Babies have been born, interviews have been aced, exams passed, and the election drawn closer; life has happened. Meanwhile we have babied our curls, taken care of our bodies and generally become […]

Grow-Out Challenge Week Three

Hello Lovelies, It’s week Three of the Grow-Out Challenge. How is everyone holding up? Still Nurturing your tresses, Eating Healthy, Drinking Water and Working Out? Gooood!!! Keep it going ladies. Your fabulous self -six months down the line- will be very proud of you. Last week Thursday in my dream I encountered the word cortisol…very […]

5 Ways to Share Your Natural Hair Journey with Loved Ones

Happy Valentines Day Lovelies….. I hope ya’ll having a lovely day spreading some love around to all those nearest and dearest to you. I’m a hopeless romantic and today I thought I’d share some simple ways we can involve our significant others in our Natural Hair Journey. Here goes Have THE conversation I know for […]